CWH#4 Radio Yerevan

Construction of a floating house on the Eilbek Canal in Hamburg


The Eilbek Canal, the moorings being considerably lower than street level and the banks lined with dense vegetation, conveys the impression of introversion. Also the location between the bridges emphasises the impression of a quiet, enclosed area. Taking up this atmosphere we have purposely refrained from using dynamic, mobile-looking design elements in the new building of our houseboat and are trying to establish a connection to the maritime world via materialities, construction and haptic.


The key note of the storey at water level is a ship’s hull that over the years has been processed and coated with patina by the water and that, depending on its degree of exposure, is decomposed into its constructive elements – its structure consisting of frames and planks is brought alive through its interaction with the elements – its corpus is given depth and allows insights through apertures.

Project type

Competition / Realisation


Uferstraße 2c
22081 Hamburg

Promoting authority

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt
Amt für Landesplanung



Work phases

LPH 1 – 9


2007 – 2010



Gross building area

180 m²

Usable area

140 m²


eilers.ingenieure Hannover

Construction management

Nathalie Dudda
tun-architektur Hamburg